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Airfield Postojna is situated 2,7km south west of Postojna city in vicinity of motorway A1 exit Postojna. Detailed position of the airfield and it's way of using is presented on the bottom picture. It is used by sport and turist flights of aircrafts which mass do not exceed MTOW 5700 kg. If flight to the airfield is flown from country which is not Schengen member, landing on international airport (Ljubljana, Maribor, Portorož) before landing in Postojna is mandatory due to customs procedures.



Field has grass runway which is 750m long and 60m wide. Its direction is 02/20. Runway 02 threshold is moved so that available landing distance is 650m but runway 02 take off distance is still 750m. When landing in direction 02 attention must be needed due to landing over main road Postojna-Rijeka, when landing in direction 20 at low approaches attention to toll Postojna poles for lightning equipment is needed. Minimal height over obstacle is 10 m. At north east wind (Burja = Bora wind) powerful gusts and turbulence occurs in final for runway 02. At west winds turbulence can occur in final for runway 20. Traffic pattern for powered aircrafts is left for runway 02 and right for runway 20 at 1000ft AGL (300m AGL). When taking off in direction 02 (towards city of Postojna) traffic pattern should be made over industrial part of the city (look at the upper picture) due to noise reductions. Zone for powered aircrafts is always west of the airfield. Traffic pattern for gliders is always left at 200 m AGL. Zone for gliders is west of the airfield when landing in 02 and east of the airfield when landing in 20. (look at the upper picture) Information service Info Postojna is operating at frequency 123,500 MHz only when club activities are in progress.

Coordinates: N45°45'01" E014°11'41"
Runway direction: 02/20 grass
Runway size: 750x60m or 2461x197ft
TORA: 02 750m or 2461ft
20 750m or 2461ft
LDA: 02 650m or 2133ft
20 750m or 2461ft
Altitude: 528m or 1732ft
Frequency: 123,500 MHz
Maximal take of weight: 5700kg
TORA (Eng. Take Off Runway Available)
LDA (Eng. Landing Distance Available)

Airport Area

Postojna Airport zone is defined with following points: Razdrto (ROMEO), hill Mlečnik, Pivka (PAPA), hill Sv. Trojica, Unec (UNIFORM), hill Sv. Lovrenc, Razdrto (ROMEO).


Heavy gliding activity areas round airfield Postojna are: between hills Sv. Trojico and Javorniki, over city of Postojna, over Prestrank and in vicinity of Razdrto. In viciniti of village Studeno paragliding take off place.

Airport area is included or near restricted areas LJ-R4, LJ-R5 LJ-R6 A, LJ-R6 B and LJ-R6 C in which flying is sometimes prohibited by NOTAM. Restricted areas LJ-R4 in LJ-R6C are situated east of railway Postojna-Pivka-Ilirska Bistrica and do not include airport itself while areas LJ-R5, LJR-6 A and LJR-6 B include airport Postojna and prohibit take off or landing during NOTAM restricted time. More about airspace in Slovenia can be found in the VFR assistent that can be found on Slovenia control web page.